Mindful Labyrinth Walks and the 12 Steps

Mindful Labyrinth Walks and the 12 Steps

Labyrinth walking and walking in nature and quiet spots, including indoor and outdoor tracks, have been part of Becca Ferguson’s spiritual and personal development since college.

In 2009 Becca developed Alexander TechniquebasedMindful Labyrinth Walking” and “Walking with Intention” Mindful Walking Practices that became an integral part of her ongoing recovery from opioids, tranquilizers and alcohol, as well as provide empowering “embodied mindfulness tools” for dealing daily with stress, pain, PTSD  triggering, and other issues.

Because a labyrinth is not always available, Becca developed calming, gently energizing walking practices that can be done virtually anywhere, including high school and university tracks.

Certified as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Becca now teaches MAT Mindful Labyrinth Walking and Walking with Intention classes and workshops for issues such as addiction,  and co-occurring disorders, especially trauma and anxiety.

  • MAT Mindful Labyrinth Walks provide a unique setting for:  healing and recovery; to explore mindfulness; the 12 Steps; and work towards balance, self-regulation, and other  building blocks of recovery.
  •  Mindful Labyrinth Walking offers a literal “First Step” into “the next right step”, with the physical action of putting one foot in front of the other on the labyrinth path that easily enables us to surrender control as it leads us forward.
  • Social and physical isolation is a critical issue for many alcoholics and addicts, and persons with trauma. Gentle cooperation with others is needed for a group labyrinth walk, which builds social skills, engagement and community, as well and mindful awareness and self-regulation skills.
  • Walking a labyrinth offers a safe, restorative, personal path for self-discovery – in a transformative setting that supports the 12 Step maxim: “To thine own self be true.”
  • MAT mindfulness and movement practices, in tandem with walking on the labyrinth, calm the nervous system, and can improve the ability to “live in one’s own skin” – clean and sober.
  • MAT “Walking with Intention” recovery labyrinth walks include themes based in mindfulness practices, meditations from Hazelden Foundation publications, and other AA and NA-approved material.

Becca is in development on a new book:
Mindful Labyrinth Walking and the 12 Steps”

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