What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an evidence-based, in-the-body educational health and wellness practice used world-wide by Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Health providers.

Alexander Technique practices provide a thoughtful, accessible way to learn to identify and change harmful or repetitive habits of movement, tension and reaction.

This gradual “unlearning” of lifetime postural habits leads to improved coordination, balance, body awareness and ease. It provides a simple, intelligent way to relieve the pain and stress caused by everyday misuse of your body, from the way we sit at the computer to the way we present ourselves at a business meeting.

The Alexander Technique recognizes that the body and mind function as a whole, and that the relationship between the head, neck and back is of paramount importance.

Leaders in the field of medicine and behavioral science have supported the principles of the Alexander Technique. Clinical studies have shown that the Technique improves breathing capacity and posture and modifies stress responses. For those who suffer from chronic pain it offers a method of self-help for long-term relief.