Zoom Coaching Lessons

Rebecca offers Mindful Alexander Technique Zoom lessons for individuals who cannot work with her in person. She has taught individuals in the US, UK, China, Japan, South Korea, Belize, and Curacao.

Zoom lessons provide individuals and groups up to four with an accessible format for:

  • Developing mindful awareness of oneself and greater ease in all activity
  • Releasing habitual tension, stress, and movement patterns
  • Improving posture, breathing, and learning “gravity-healthy body mechanics”
  • Better performance in activities such as sitting and using a computer
  • In-depth Alexander Technique practices and coaching for specific activities
  • Learning how to use Calming Rest Practice for stress, pain, fatigue, and tension

Rebecca prefers teaching Alexander Technique Zoom lessons to individuals who have had at least four hands-on Alexander Technique lessons.  However, she understands it is not always possible to find a local Alexander Technique teacher to work with.

A commitment of four lessons Zoom lessons is required.

Contact Rebecca for costs, and to discuss working with her on Zoom, or to schedule an appointment: MindfulAlexander@gmail.com or 224.239.5741.

Cancellation policy:   Please allow 24 hours for cancellation of a private lesson.
The student is responsible for payment when a lesson is missed without 24 hours cancellation notice, except in the case of unusual circumstances such as bad weather or illness.