Calming Self Care Practice

Calming and Balancing with Constructive Rest

Constructive Rest is an easy resting position that anyone can do, without any prior experience of the Alexander Technique.  Constructive Rest provides calming,
relief of stress and fatigue, mood elevation, and other benefits.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to do your own Constructive Rest session with Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone’s Guided Constructive Rest Talk-Through:

Constructive Rest

Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone demonstrating Constructive Rest.

All you do is set aside 10-20 minutes, find a good spot on the floor (or a massage table), get a couple paperback books to put under your head – and you’re set.

Constructive Rest provides many benefits when practiced regularly, including:

• Provides pain relief, and allows muscles, joint and tendons to release tension

• Gentle release and lengthening of the neck, back, spine and shoulders, easing compression and helping to restore your full height

• Calming and balancing of the nervous system –a “time out” from stresses of the day

• Helps you regain energy

• Allows ribcage to rest and relax, and helps improve breathing

• Improved ability to handle physical and emotional stress

• Develops increased mindfulness and self-awareness

• Builds distress tolerance other self-regulation skills

Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone’s Guided Constructive Rest Talk-Through: