Self Care

Calming & Balancing with Constructive Rest

Constructive Rest is an easy resting position that anyone can do, even with no hands-on experience of MAT or the Alexander Technique.

Constructive Rest

Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone demonstrating Constructive Rest.

All you do is set aside 10-20 minutes, find a good spot on the floor (or a massage table), get a couple paperback books to put under your head – and you’re set.

Constructive Rest provides many benefits when practiced regularly, including:

• Provides pain relief, and allows muscles, joint and tendons to release tension

• Gentle release and lengthening of the neck, back, spine and shoulders, easing compression and helping to restore your full height

• Calming and balancing of the nervous system –a “time out” from stresses of the day

• Helps you regain energy

• Allows ribcage to rest & relax, and helps improve breathing

• Improved ability to handle physical and emotional stress

• Develops increased mindfulness and self-awareness

• Builds distress tolerance other self-regulation skills

Download Becca’s PDF:

Constructive Rest Practice – an easy Alexander Technique Mind/Body Practice for Calming, Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Mood Elevation and other benefits.

Listen to Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone’s Guided Constructive Rest Talk-Through: