Mindful Eating

Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) for Mindful Eating, Stress Reduction and Transforming our Relationship with Food

Many people do not eat consciously and can develop hard-wired, automatic habits around eating, often in response to stress.   When we recognize and stop habitual reactions and responses, we can choose to re-direct into new behaviors to handle stress better and transform eating habits and struggles with food and weight.

Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) teaches simple, in-the-body practices to use any time for stress reduction and changing habitual behaviors around eating and food  – and build self-awareness to help us change how we handle stress and eat.

MAT blends easy Mindfulness  practices with the Alexander Technique, an evidence-based method for neuroplastic re-education used by Integrative Medicine/Behavioral Health providers such as The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the University of Pittsburgh Integrative Medicine Center. 

Renowned for  over 100 years  as a successful performance improvement method for athletes, equestrians and performing artists, the Alexander Technique  is practiced by celebrities  such as:  2014 Best Actress Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett;  Hugh Jackman; Victoria Beckham; Sting; Paul McCartney and Madonna.

MAT for Mindful Eating is taught in fun group classes or solo lessons that require no physical or mental skills, and are suitable for all ages & abilities.  Students learn:

  • Self-directed mind/body practices for calming, reducing stress and mindfulness
  • Mindful exercises to explore & identify triggers and habitual reactions to stress and eating
  • Self-directed mind/body practices for stopping and re-directing habitual stress and eating responses
  • Students receive course materials for easy, self-directed MAT mindfulness practices to use on their own

I learned about Becca’s Mindful Eating class from her website.  I was looking for a Mindfulness practice for anxiety and stress-related eating.   Becca’s class focused on simple practices that I do on my own to reduce stress and become more aware of my eating patterns.  The self-directed practices have helped me become less anxious and change some long-time eating habits.  I control portions and enjoy myself more because I’m calmer and more aware.”   Alan W.  Chicago  

NOTE:  MAT is a fusion of the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness practices, which are evidence-based complementary health and wellness practices for neuroplastic re-education used world-wide by Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Health providers.