The Healing Power of Laughter

Laughter Yoga & Laughter Clubs promote a simple, fun practice that was recently endorsed in “O”, The Oprah Magazine.

Laughter Yoga is the brainchild of Mumbai, India physician Dr. Madan Kataria, who launched the first Laughter Club on March 13, 1995 in a Mumbai city park.

Today, there are over 8,000 Laughter Clubs in 80 countries.

“Yoga” means “union.” Laughter Yoga unites unconditional laughter and breathing exercises to oxygenate the mind and calm the nervous system. Laughter Yoga is based in scientific fact that “generated laughter” creates the same physiological and psychological benefits as genuine laughter.

There are no jokes or comedy, and a sense of humor is not required.

To get started, laughter is started in group laughing practices that include childlike playfulness and eye contact – which evolve into real, contagious laughter.

Rebecca is a Certified Laughter Leader and incorporates the healing power of laughter in some of her Mindful Alexander Technique classes.

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