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Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT)  provides easy mind/body wellness practices for improved posture, body mechanics, breathing and better performance in all activity.

Unlike yoga and meditation, MAT wellness practices require no special skills, strength or endurance, and are available to all ages & abilities. MAT offers a unique, embodied mindfulness practice that allows clients with issues ranging from pain and anxiety to addiction to “start where they are“, as Buddhist nun Pema Chodron puts it.

The self-directed MAT practices taught in group lessons are the same as those taught in individual private lessons, and “buddy lessons” for two.

Although clients in group classes do not receive as much one-on-one, hands-on work with the teacher, they benefit from a unique, interactive/dynamic learning experience within the context of each group.

Depending upon the size of the teaching facility, and specific requirements for each class/workshop or training, Becca teaches groups of up to 40 people. Average group sizes are 6 – 12 people.

  • Classes are a fun, cost-effective way to learn basic, easy MAT in-the-body physical mindfulness practices for self-directed wellness and self-care, and performance improvement for a range of activities and issues.
  • Becca’s specialties include: Addiction; trauma; balance; walking and labyrinth walking; bone loss and bone health; Womens’ Health issues such as building resilience; jaw issues; and Survivor Wellness.
  • Improved performance, presence, poise and engagement for actors, singers, musicians, dancers and presenters/speakers.
  • Better posture, poise, mood, and self-esteem for men/women and boys/girls, including practices for correcting “Text Neck“, which affects millions of phone, laptop and other electronic device users with neck/back pain, depression, anxiety and other issues.
  • Reduction of pain/stress/muscle tension
  • Improvement in health issues related to poor posture/circulation/body mechanics and ineffective breathing.

Lessons and small classes are taught in Becca’s studio or can be arranged at your school, work or home. Larger classes and customized 2-8 hour workshops are available by arrangement with

Workshops and trainings are individually priced. Classes are $45 per person for a one-hour class; bulk discounts are available.

Becca offers a sliding scale to students, seniors and those with special needs.
Please contact Becca to inquire about workshops, trainings, and classes, or to discuss pricing options:
phone:  224.239.5741  email:

MAT class and workshop/training offerings 

Becca teaches fun, dynamic customized classes, workshops and programs based in core MAT practices, including:

Mindful Ergonomics (ME)

  • Mindful Ergonomics provide a form of “Low Intensity Physical Activity” (LIPA) that Inactivity Physiology studies show boost metabolic functions, for combatting “Sitting Disease”.  
  • Mindful Ergonomics practices teach improved posture and body mechanics for reducing stress, pain and fatigue when sitting, and/or working at a standing workstation.

Clients include: University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria; and small businesses and private clients.

For more information, please go to the “Mindful Ergonomics” page on the website.

Mindful Recovery Practices

  • MRP has been taught since 2012 in customized classes for young adults through seniors in US treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.  MRP incorporates 12 Step recovery principles, and complements standard Behavioral Health programs such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and medication regimens such as Suboxone and Naltrexone therapy.
  • MRP is also taught in alternative sentencing programs and a corrections facility.
  • MRP was presented in an experiential workshop at the 2015 Illinois Drug and Alcohol Dependency Association (IADDA) Conference.
  • Becca Ferguson is a guest lecturer on addiction and recovery at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign.

For more information, please go to “Mindful Recovery Practices“, under the MAT Specialties” sidebar on the right side of the website.

Mindful Labyrinth Walks
and “Walking with Intention” Mindful Walking Practices

  • Mindful Walking, Mindful Labyrinth Walking and labyrinth art have been part of Becca Ferguson’s spiritual and personal development since college.
  • Becca developed MAT-basedMindful Labyrinth Walking” and “Walking with Intention” Mindful Walking Practices that are an integral part of her ongoing recovery from opioids, tranquilizers and alcohol, as well as provide empowering “embodied tools” for dealing daily with pain and PTSD issues.
  • Certified as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Becca teaches MAT Mindful Labyrinth Walking and Walking with Intention classes and workshops for issues such as addiction, and co-occurring disorders, especially trauma and anxiety.
  • Mindful Labyrinth Walking and “Walking with Intention” Mindful Walking Practices classes and workshops are customized for group of all sizes, and often incorporate MRP practices and 12 Step principles.

For more information, please go to “Mindful Labyrinth Walks“, under the MAT Specialties” sidebar on the right side of the website.

MAT for Cancer Survivors & Patients

MAT offers easy “Mindful Moves” mind/body self-care and wellness practices for cancer patients and survivors wherever they are on their journey: post-surgeries such as mastectomy and reconstruction,  and/or during chemotherapy and radiation.

Clients include: Mills Breast Cancer Institute; Evanston, IL- based Heartwood Foundation Women & Cancer Program and private clients.

For more information, please go to the “Survivor Wellness” page on the website.

 Mindful Balance Classes

Balance is the foundation for all human movement. Improve your balance and improve your life, especially as you age.   We can comprehensively improve our mobility and fall prevention skills as we age, which builds confidence and poise.

Good balance is the result of proper posture and muscular-skeletal body mechanics.

In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 2.3 million nonfatal fall injuries by US adults over 50 were treated in emergency departments.  Regardless of your age, physical abilities or current bone health level, improving your balance promotes wellness in every aspect of your life.

For those wishing to improve their skills with ADLs – “Activities of Daily Living”, developing better balance is critical. We can comprehensively improve our mobility and fall prevention skills as we age, which also builds confidence.

For those with bone loss issues, the Alexander Technique offers weight-bearing body mechanics that can reduce osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Poor posture/body mechanics and habitual movement patterns result in: limited balance & coordination; pain, immobility and bone loss.

Mindful Balance practices teach us simple in-the-body practices to help restore our “Paleo” posture and muscular-skeletal body mechanics, which promotes better balance, coordination and healthy joint function in movements such as walking, sitting and stair climbing.

Mindful Balance classes promote:

* Improved posture and weight-bearing muscular-skeletal body mechanics
* Reduced muscle strain, tension and fatigue
Increased energy, stamina and awareness
Improved performance and ease of movement in all activi
Improved “Activities of Daily Living” such as walking, getting in and out of
chairs and stair climbing

Mindful Eating Classes

Mindful Eating classes provide a thoughtful introduction to a mindfulness practice and learning to calm ourselves while developing new approaches for changing habitual eating patterns.

Mindful Eating is for all ages and abilities, as well as persons with eating disorders.  Please see theMindful Eating page of the website for more information.


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Note: Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) practices, Alexander Technique, Power Poses and the “Gravity Health” work of Dr Joan Vernikos are wellness practices, not medicine or treatment.

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