Using Alexander Technique to lower stress hormones

How do Alexander Technique mind/body practices help us stay ‘expanded’ in activity, enabling us to utilize Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy’s research, and Power Pose
practices that can help lower Cortisol levels, and raise Testosterone?

Contracted to Expanded Sitting

Evidence-based Power Poses research by Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy and colleagues indicates:

  • Contracted, or tensed poses and posture, raise cortisol stress hormone
    in our body, and lower our testosterone.
  • Higher cortisol levels can increase stress reactivity, affect mood and performance,
    reduce confidence and risk tolerance, and have other negative health effects.
  • Expanded, or more relaxed poses and posture, raise testosterone and lower
    in our body.
  • Higher testosterone levels can help us handle stress better, feel more
    confident and powerful, and improve performance.
  • Evidence-based Alexander Technique (AT) mind/body practices help us learn to
    how to be ‘expanded’ in activity, by releasing ‘contracted’, habitually tensed muscles and movement patterns.
  • In addition to letting go of unnecessary muscle tension, the AT teaches us how to improve posture and breathing, and how to move and use our body with more ease and mindful awareness in all our activities.