Text Neck and “iPosture” Help

Is Text Neck, iPosture or the iHunch bringing you down?

Research indicates that hours of slouching, and bending your neck forward and down while texting or using other devices increases the amount of pressure on your spine, and can cause pain, stress, anxiety, depression, curvature of the upper spine, and other issues. According to Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy, researcher and developer of Power Poses:

Technology is transforming how we hold ourselves, contorting our bodies…”

Slouching from texting and using other devices has many names: Text Neck, iPosture or the iHunch.

Research by Cuddy and others shows that slouching changes mood, memory and behavior. “Your physical posture sculpts your psychological posture, and could be
the key to a happier mood and greater self-confidence.”

Amy Cuddy, The New York Times  December 12, 2015

To learn more, please read Cuddy’s December 2015 New York Times article here: Your iPhone is Ruining Your Posture—and Your Mood

The figures below show the amount of pressure (in pounds) when the head is bent forward at different angles.

Text Neck, iPosture, iHunch

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