Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) wellness practices for cancer survivors and patients

Post- surgery figuresMAT offers easy “Mindful Moves” mind/body self-care and wellness practices for cancer patients and survivors wherever they are on their journey: post-surgeries such as mastectomy and reconstruction, or during chemotherapy and radiation.

Mindful Moves provide improved posture, body mechanics and muscle tension release that can help with post-surgery issues such as: pain; neuropathy; poor circulation; limited flexibility and range of motion; and body image and self-esteem issues.

MAT in-the-body Mindful Moves promote calming, mood elevation, self-awareness and reduced pain, stress and fatigue. Students learn to self-soothe and change habitual stress reactions and harmful movement and postural patterns. Improved posture and body mechanics results in better balance, coordination and greater ease in activity.

Rebecca focuses on teaching clients practices that promote improved circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems.

She brings a unique dimension to her MAT work with knowledge of the lymphatic system through her certification in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), with the Academy of Lymphatic Science  (AOLS)  of the North  American Lymphedema Education Assoc (NALEA).

Note: MAT practices can help promote healthier circulation; they are not lymphedema treatments. Rebecca does not provide MLD treatments.  

MAT provides students with easy, self-directed mind/body techniques for:

  • Empowering self-care wellness practices that promote increased sense of personal. control over health and wellness.
  • Reduced stress, pain, neuropathy, muscle tension, and fatigue.
  • Improved ease in daily activities such as: lifting, bending, and walking.
  • Improved balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion – especially for the chest, torso, shoulders, neck, arms and back.
  • Mood elevation, improved body image and self-esteem.

“I learned about Rebecca’s work through a friend who’d worked with her after a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. I was about a year out from a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. I had pain, restricted movement and tightening in the surgery area, and lymphedema issues.

After six months of MAT lessons and doing the practices on my own, I have more flexibility and mobility in my ribcage, upper torso, neck, shoulders and arms. Breathing and circulation is improved, which helps pain and lymphedema. Pain and swelling is reduced.  Activities – especially bending, lifting, and driving – are easier.”

Sarah S.    Chicago,  IL


Note: The Alexander Technique, Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) and Mindful Moves are wellness practices, not medical treatment.