Individual Lessons

Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) lessons help us reduce reactivity to stress, pain, trauma triggering, and other issues

Currently, Rebecca teaches private Mindful Alexander Technique (MAT) lessons via Zoom. A commitment of four lessons Zoom lessons is required.

Contact Rebecca for costs, and to discuss working with her on Zoom, or to schedule an appointment: or 224.239.5741.

Rebecca provides easy, self-directed “in-the-body mindfulness” practices for: releasing muscle tension; reducing stress, pain and fatigue; improving balance and coordination; enhancing performance; improving posture and body mechanics; and boosting metabolic functions to prevent “Sitting Disease”.

Each lesson is tailored to the student’s specific application and needs. MAT practices require no special skills or strength, and are available to all ages & abilities.   

Though MAT practices have therapeutic benefits, they are not medicine or treatments such as chiropractic or massage.  MAT practices help us to re-learn better posture, balance and coordination, and awareness in movement.

What sets MAT apart from other mind/body practices such as meditation and yoga are proprietary teaching methods of guided movement with gentle hands-on touch and verbal direction provided by a certified AT instructor.

Students develop awareness in movement and learn to free themselves of habitual reactions, movements and behavior patterns that can contribute to pain, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other issues.  MAT also helps with symptoms related to illnesses such as lupus, scleroderma, Parkinson’s Disease and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as cancer survivor/patient issues and effects from chemotherapy and radiation – including helping to reduce bone loss caused by these treatments.

Please go to the Testimonials page to read how learning MAT has helped individuals dealing with a range of issues, including: addiction and relapse prevention; chronic pain; poor balance; trauma triggering; and improved sitting & using computer, and/or working at a standing workstation.

To develop an understanding as to how MAT works, and to experience optimal results, it is recommended that students begin with a series of four to 10 lessons, with a minimum of one lesson a week.

MAT is a “Lifelong Wellness Practice” for all ages and abilities; a unique mind/body “inner tool” for living – and aging – in our resilient bodies.

Once the basics of MAT are learned and a student is experiencing the benefits of integrating MAT into their daily activities, many individuals incorporate ongoing
lessons into their weekly routine.

Others find their needs are met after an initial series of lessons, and return as needed for refreshers.

Over a course of lessons, students learn to be more mindfully aware of their body, how they move, their habitual reactions, and where/how they hold muscle tension. After developing this mindful awareness, students learn how to release muscular tension and change habitual behaviors.   In addition, students improve their posture, and change harmful or habitual body mechanics that affect balance and coordination.

With regular MAT practice, students build core strength and often experience muscle toning and positive changes in their size and shape – without working out or lifting weights.

Regular MAT practice promotes: improved muscular-skeletal functioning to help restore our body’s natural balance, coordination and poise; and calming our nervous system by reducing reactivity & stress hormone release.

Lessons are an hour, typically. Students are asked to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes for freedom of movement.

We’ll first discuss what concerns or goals you have for learning MAT.  We may discuss medical history, or changes you wish to make in harmful habits you’re aware of that cause pain, or impede performance.

What happens in a lesson:

  • The student lies on a massage table (or other supportive surface) and the Alexander Technique teacher uses gentle, hands-on touch  to promote calming and help the student become aware of how/where the student hold stress, and brings unnecessary tension into movements and habitual reactions/responses.
  • The Alexander Technique teacher shows the student how to lengthen to their full height and move with more coordination and ease in daily activities such as using a computer, sitting, walking, bending and lying down. Many students report feeling lighter and taller after each lesson.
  • The Alexander Technique teacher also works with the student on specific activities such as dancing, acting, singing, sports and presentations.


Cancellation policy:   Please allow 24 hours for cancellation of a private lesson.
The student is responsible for payment when a lesson is missed without 24 hours cancellation notice, except in the case of unusual circumstances such as bad weather or illness.